Vicolo del Cedro

Had a good sketching class this morning, we focused on quick sketches with an eye toward composition and perspective. Several students were excited about the progress they made in just a couple hours, so that was good. Once we wrapped up, I headed a little further up the Vicolo del Cedro to see if I could find a sketch-worthy scene and came upon this view. The street slopes up to a stair which climbs up the Gianicolo to the church and monastic complex of San Pietro in Montorio, site of Bramante's Tempietto. It was nice and cool this morning, with some fine breezes coming through, so it was an ideal time to draw. Adding to the ambience was the music playing loudly through an open window above me - a great smattering of classic rock gems, including several tunes from the Rolling Stones, The Who, and several 70s bands from the US. It might not seem to fit the mood of the place or the sketch, but believe me, it was working just fine and reminded me of the college buddies I studied with over here in 1986-87. They would have gotten a kick out of it.

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