Prichard Gallery Exhibit

I neglected to post about this before the holidays, but I have several sketches in our annual College of Art & Architecture Faculty Exhibit, which runs from December 11 through January 17 in the Prichard Art Gallery here in Moscow, ID. It's always a fun exhibit, with a wide variety of work, and I'm always very happy and honored to contribute. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me at the opening reception ... it would have been nice to get a shot or two with the gallery full of people.


  1. great sketches sites ;^)
    I saw thre's the S.Giorgio al Velabro too

  2. ciao Luc! si si si, e' qui: http://tinyurl.com/yl5owt6 ... ricordo con pensieri buoni!

  3. Congrats Matthew, very cool!!

  4. Thanks Geoff! I see on your profile that your a Cubs fan ... me too - at least third-generation, as my mom and her parents are/were serious fans as well. Go Cubs!!


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