Sketching with Students

It was a nice afternoon here in Moscow, so I took my design studio group out for a little sketching. We were trying to focus on recording scenes and orthogonal sketches of architectural elements relevant to the project they're working on - Courtyard Housing. The project site is in Portland, and we're heading there for a field trip next week, so this was also an opportunity to get in a little location sketching practice before we go. I was using a new fountain pen (a gift from my wife on our 15th Anniversary yesterday!). I like the pen, though I had a little trouble with the water-soluble ink. Probably going to refill it with Noodler's Lexington Gray when I get a chance.  

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  1. Matthew,
    Good to see you posting again, hope you'll do more. I especially enjoy the combination of the pencil drawing of the entry because of the point of view and the plan above it.
    Frank in Mount Vernon,WA


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