Google Map of Rome Sketches

Sketches - Roma in a larger map

I've been tinkering with Google Maps as a way to document the locations of my sketches, and this is my map of Rome. It shows the sketches that I currently have on my Flickr site, which is only about half of the drawings I've done there over the past four years. I'd like to get all of them online at some point ... but that might take a while. It will be useful for me to see where I have sketched and where I haven't, so I can focus in the coming years on places that I've been neglecting for whatever reason. Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think!


  1. Thank you. What a treat to be able to take the tour with the sketches. :)

  2. What a brilliant idea!!! Your sketches are superb, and it is wonderful to relate them to their geographical locations.


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