Green Lake, Wisconsin

I'm currently enjoying a nice vacation with the family in Green Lake, WI. Swimming, fishing, boating, eating, watching the Olympics, sleeping ... lots of sleeping ... and a little sketching. This is one of several "prayer towers" that are scattered around the area where we stay. They are apparently part of an old Baptist compound, though I've had a hard time finding out very much regarding their history. In any case, they make for a nice sketch - simple forms in the landscape, one of my favorite types of subject. I may try to get out and sketch a few of the others ... or I may not. I'm on vacation, after all.


  1. Hi Matthew,

    We are so glad you're enjoying your vacation in Green Lake! The prayer towers were originally water towers on the 1000 acre Lawson farm in the 1800s. Once the American Baptist Assembly purchased the grounds, the towers became places to worship.

    Although we hope you get enough rest and relaxation, your sketches are amazing and we hope to see more.

    Stop in at the Chamber, across from the damn downtown Green Lake, if you have any questions - like more history!

    Enjoy the lake,
    Loni Meiborg
    Green Lake Area Chamber

  2. Hi Loni! Thanks so much for the information! I'll try to stop by and say hello before I leave on Saturday. Matt


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