From a Few Years Ago ...

Digging back a little further, here's another one from a couple years ago ... actually two years and eleven months to the day from last week's visit to the Garden, my local watering hole. I was using a different pen back then - must have been a felt-tip, with a thicker line and a propensity to dry out. These days, I've been happy with the Copic Multiliners, at least for use in a moleskine - they have a nice crisp line, they don't smear, and they don't seem to dry out. I suppose this could be considered another in the "Waiting ..." series. I seem to recall I was waiting for my wife to meet me after handing the kids off to the babysitter.

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  1. I love the thought of this being part of the waiting series. that is where most of my sketches happen. On the way, I'll be out in a minute, just pulled up and I am to early to get out of the car..... All the reasons. Love your sketches, I feel like I am there waiting with you. Sketch book in had of course.


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