Meeting Sketch

I'm just not very skilled at drawing people. But I recognize that drawing anything is a matter of practice rather than 'talent,' so I did a little people-drawing practice yesterday. It was our first faculty meeting of the new semester ... hopefully these three colleagues will either a) not see these sketches, or b) forgive me for my clumsy attempts at capturing their likenesses.

Practice, practice, practice.


  1. I'm with you on that- people are not my strength either, but anyone I know who's gotten good at it started where you're starting! These are great, by the way.

  2. I find them really good as well then if people recognise themselves is another matter. practice, practice ,practice yes that's the good of urbansketchers you see people that excel at something else and you want to have a go as well, my problems are buildings and cars but I'm practicing!

  3. Thanks for the feedback! ... Urban Sketchers and so many other sources are definitely inspiring. If only I didn't have to work, I'd spend so much more time sketching.


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