Bioparco & Meeting with Luc!

Wednesday the 22nd was my son Will's birthday, so we headed to the Bioparco (i.e., "Zoo") here in Roma. It was a great place, and it was fun to do a little sketching as we strolled around ... probably could have done more, but it was very hot and at some point I simply lost the motivation. Next year, I hope to go back there earlier in the summer, when the weather is more agreeable.

Also yesterday, I met up with a new friend and sketching partner, Luciano, for the first time - he had commented a few times here on my blog, so we got together at the Campidoglio to chat about our sketchbooks and then headed to San Giorgio Velabro for a quick sketch session before I had to get back to Trastevere for Will's birthday dinner. The temperature had come down somewhat, though we had to deal with a portiere that didn't want us sitting on his precious steps (this is the only time I can recall someone not letting me sit in a particular place to do a sketch - usually they are curious about the drawing and entirely accommodating). I hope to connect with Luc again next summer - his blog, with some really amazing drawings and watercolors, is here - go take a look!


  1. oh Matt,
    really happy to known you in person yesterday (one of the hottest this month!!). And to take a look to your work from live, and to sketch together too (despite the "portiere" !!!).
    I can see here that you complete the sketch, and with the marriage people too ... ;^)
    I didn't do the same. :(
    Maybe tomorrow if I'll have half an hour..
    Thanks for linking my blog, and I really hope to meet you next summer.

  2. I love your sketches Matt! Those animals at the zoo are wonderful.


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