SketchCrawl #23 - Roma

Yesterday was the 23rd Worldwide SketchCrawl. I first went to the Centrale Montemartini, where I really should have done some drawing, but the combination of early-twentieth century power plant with late-Republican Roman sculpture was just too much to process. Instead I took many photos of the collection, which I found to be more fascinating in some respects than the Capitoline Museum. Next it was off to the Cimitero Acottolico, aka the "Protestant Cemetery" - one of my favorite places in this city for its history and atmosphere. John Keats is buried here, and Percy Shelley, who said of the cemetery, "It might make one in love with death, to be buried in so sweet a place."

The cemetery is just inside the Aurelian Wall (first sketch) and adjacent to the Piramide di Caio Cestio (second sketch). I would have enjoyed spending more time there, and perhaps doing more drawing, but there was going to be a meeting of SketchCrawlers back in Trastevere, so I had to get moving in that direction.

The plan was to meet in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, very close to our apartment. I had never met any of them before, but by carrying my Moleskine where people could see it I managed to attract the attention of another sketcher who had arrived a little early. The rest of the folks showed up over the course of the next hour while a few of us got started. It was great to meet some new people and do a little sketching, but I had dinner plans with Patty and wasn't able to stay long. Nonetheless, contact info was exchanged and I look forward to meeting up again with Marco, Antonello, and the others before I have to leave Rome in a few weeks.


  1. very nice sketches. great.
    Me too like a lot the "Cimitero Acattolico". ... and also Gregory Corso was buried there. Atmospheres and the presence of the Pyramid makes the place really unique.
    Stammi bene.

  2. ciao Matthew! come va? Thanks for your post on the forum of sketchcrawl... I'm not login there and so I can replay directly on the forum but really thanks and... I think that your sketches are terrific!... (and sorry for my english! eh eh eh)
    see you soon

  3. grazie mille Luc & Marta! devo postare ( is this really a word "to post"??) piu spesso, ma lavoro troppo ... grazie e gentile da parte suoi! ciao

  4. Matt, "postare" viene usato regolarmente per indicare "to post". Certo un accedemico dell'italiano non sarebbe contento ... ma l'importante è capirsi.

    Matt, "Postare" is usually used to indicate the action "to post (on a blog)". Certainly an italian professors wouldn't be glad ... but important is understand !!


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