Boise Visit

I was in Boise, ID, at the end of last week, leading a field trip for our third-year architectural design studio. Boise is a nice little town that obviously thinks of itself as a reasonably large city. Nothing wrong with that, of course (Eugene, OR, is another example of this phenomenon, and I lived there for 11 years). Most of the downtown feels to me like a transitional neighborhood in a city like Chicago, or - worse - like a slightly over grown suburb. Yet there are some views of Boise that give the appropriate impression of a grand state capitol. I tried for that in this sketch (15 minutes, 2B pencil), from a high vantage point on the bridge along South Capitol Boulevard. I had higher hopes to do several sketches, as the weather was beautiful, but I got caught up in the art museum - they had a temporary exhibit of Ansel Adams' early work, which was fascinating.

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