Like Water Off a Duck's Back

I did a little experiment yesterday during the studio portion of my Architectural Graphics course. It was a quick sketch (probably too quick), and I tried my new water brush in the pocket Moleskine. I wasn't happy with the results, but it's not the fault of the water brush. That Moleskine paper just ain't made for watercolor - the water beads up unless you sorta scrub the paper with the brush. The result is a splotchy quality that I don't care for in my own drawings. I know of several people who regularly make watercolor work in these books with wonderful results ... but every time I've tried it, it feels like I'm fighting the paper too much. In using watercolor, I've always felt that the brush simply moves the water, and the water distributes the pigment - I expect the wash to lay down smooth and clean with minimal effort.

So ... I've ordered a couple new Moleskine watercolor books and can't wait to give them a try.

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