Mapping the Summer

Late last night I finally arrived back in Moscow after a long summer away from home. To keep myself busy on the flight from Chicago, I sketched out a little map of the summer's travels, then added some color today during a break from unpacking. I wasn't looking at a map when I drew this, so my geography is a little off ... but it was a fun way to cap off this portion of the Moleskine.



Just before leaving Rome for the summer, I attended a conference in Venezia, and managed to do a few sketches there. It was a bit frustrating not having more time in a place so ideal for drawing, but I do hope to return sooner or later. This watercolor was done just off the Grand Canal, on the Fondamenta de L'Albero ...

The second sketch is the back side of Santa Maria della Salute, from a long narrow piazza called the Rio Terra dei Catecumeni ...

... and the third sketch is of the Ca D'Oro from across the Grand Canal. This last one was a repeat of a sketch I did as a student about 23 years ago, from almost the exact same vantage point (see the old sketch here). I remember that drawing being very enjoyable, despite the fact that it was very cold that day and my hands were numb by the time I finished. It was fun to draw the same subject so many years later, and this time it was heat that I had to deal with. Perhaps in another decade or two I'll get smart and visit this place in the spring or fall.
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