Happy Thanksgiving!

Patty and Sam working on Thanksgiving dinner ... graffiti on Facebook.


SketchCrawl - Moscow!

It was a small turnout today, and it was cold - but sunny! - so here are my efforts.

Started at Sister's Brew and drew some folks enjoying a mellow Saturday morning in a very warm, cozy space. I really like this wine-colored Copic Multiliner ... might need to buy a fresh one soon.

From the same spot, near the windows, I did this sketch looking across Main Street. Wells Fargo, our bank, is on the left and The Red Door, one the very few decent restaurants in town, is on the right. This was the final sketch in my first Moleskine sketchbook ... it felt good to finish that one.

I broke in a new Moleskine pocket watercolor book for this sketch, of an alley off First Street. It was a nice view, with clear contrasts and a nice perspective, but my hands were freezing by the time I finished up.

So I retreated to the Moscow Bagel place for a sausage/egg/cheese bagel, and managed this quick watercolor. It was a nice morning of sketching, followed by a 2-hour figure drawing session in the afternoon. After all the work I've had to deal with in the past several weeks, it felt good to simply draw today. Now it's time to surf the SketchCrawl forum and see the other sketching that happened today all around the planet.


25th Worldwide SketchCrawl!

This is the 5th Anniversary of the first Worldwide SketchCrawl, instigated by Enrico Casarosa, and the 25th overall. People will be sketching where they live, in approximately 100 locations all around the world, and then sharing their sketches online in the SketchCrawl Forums.

SketchCrawlers in Mosocow - let's meet at Sisters' Brew Coffee House at 9am Saturday, November 21. Depending on the weather, we can either stay there and sketch for a while or head outside and sketch the town, or maybe it will turn into a coffeeshop crawl. Feel free to take part in the morning session as long as you like, continue sketching throughout the day, on your own or in groups. We'll meet up again at the end of the day, at Coeur d'Alene Brewing Co. at 5pm to share our sketches in person - then we'll share our sketches online in this forum. Let's hope for good weather - see you Saturday!!

Sisters' Brew Coffee House - 9:00am
Coeur d'Alene Brewing Co. - 5:00pm
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