Trying to Join the 21st Century in a Coffeeshop

I finally got myself a "smartphone," after many years of using the most basic and inexpensive phone I could find. Funny thing is, the pay-as-you-go plan for the new phone is actually cheaper than it was for the old phone. (It's sneaky tricks like this that they use to get you hooked, I think.) Anyway, I figured I would try to join the rest of the sketchers I encounter at symposiums and other events and drag myself into the 21st Century - if only so I can streamline the process of photographing and sharing sketches in something like real time. So the drawing and sharing this morning from Bucer's here in Moscow was for the express purpose of testing this workflow. I realize that this is old hat to most of you, dear readers, and that there's really nothing complicated or extraordinary about taking a photo and immediately sharing it. But for me, it was a bit of a leap.
However, one thing I will continue to do is actually photograph my drawings later on, when I have access to a real camera and some decent lighting, because I think it makes a big difference to anyone who might want to look more closely at the work. While it's nice to get a glimpse of the drawing "in situ," with some indication of what was being sketched, I always like to see the drawing itself, reproduced at least reasonably well. I'll keep trying to make this happen with the new phone, but so far my experiments haven't been very successful. Please let me know if you have strategies for using your phone to get good reproductions of your sketches in the comments below. Thanks!
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