Busy Times ....

I know it's been a while since I blogged anything, but I've been a busy guy, to put things as mildly as possible. But I'll get to that stuff in a moment. First, I want to announce my new "Sketching Essentials" course on Craftsy! I just did the filming about a month ago, and it was great fun working with the Craftsy folks - they really know how to put together a valuable teaching and learning experience via the web, and I'm looking forward to getting started working with everyone who signs up!

Now, to explain my absence from blogging. I was in Rome over the summer, as usual, but this year was more challenging than most - I won't get into detail here, but the difficulties were related to our housing and studio space, and dealing with this took a crazy amount of time and energy. So while I was drawing as much as usual, there were other activities - like blogging - that had to be set aside. On top of this, I've been developing a new book on perspective, which carried into the Fall but is now complete - more news on this when the book becomes available in the Spring. As if that book wasn't enough, I'm currently working on another drawing instruction book, which should be out in the summer. Again, more news on that as the publication date approaches. 

Also, I went to Singapore, to teach at the Urban Sketchers Symposium ... and I wouldn't even know where to begin to describe that experience! So I'm not going to start right now, because it would take me so much time that I'd get nothing else done today ... and I have a deadline this evening for a couple book chapters!

And finally, I've been trying to teach and be a responsible faculty member, not to mention a responsible husband and dad. All the book stuff and travel stuff and Craftsy stuff has been a blast, but I'm looking forward to a respite - as soon as the next book is done, I'll be downshifting a bit, and hopefully drawing more, just for fun.
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