A Few Landscapes

I've been neglecting my duties as a 'blogger' for a while, so I'm feeling the need to put something up, if only to assuage my sense of guilt. Back in August, I was on a vacation with my family in Wisconsin, and managed to do a couple quick sketches in the Moleskine. It was so hot that day, now that I remember it. It's cold in Moscow at this moment, so looking at these sketches takes me back to the sweat and the sunburn I experienced while sketching - especially during the Boathouse sketch, my exposed right arm and leg got fried.
It's the price you sometimes have to pay when you're committed to Sketching on Location. (btw, I'm currently trying to write a book by that title, which is the primary reason I haven't been posting much lately.) This second sketch was done at the Lawsonia Golf Course ... but I thought it was such a quintessentially "Wisconsin" scene that I omitted any golf-related bric-a-brac.

In late September, I took part in a plein air painting competition. We had three days to get out and about and produce as many as three entries for the competition. I only did two, and neither was recognized in the competition, but I was very happy with my efforts. Landscapes are fun, and these are larger than what I usually do - the largest format I typically use is 9" x 12" and these two are 12" x 16" - so it was a good change of pace. The first is a barn I found out near our little rinky-dink airport. The odd radiant pattern in the sky was unintentional ... it was the result of the paper buckling when I applied the wash ... but I kinda like it.
The other painting was done at the University of Idaho Arboretum, one of my favorite views in this town - and there are lots of beautiful views around here, so that's saying something. This painting was just selected by the Dean of our College to go on the college holiday card ... so even though I came away from the plein air competition empty-handed, I ended up with a nice consolation prize.
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