Green Lake, Wisconsin

I'm currently enjoying a nice vacation with the family in Green Lake, WI. Swimming, fishing, boating, eating, watching the Olympics, sleeping ... lots of sleeping ... and a little sketching. This is one of several "prayer towers" that are scattered around the area where we stay. They are apparently part of an old Baptist compound, though I've had a hard time finding out very much regarding their history. In any case, they make for a nice sketch - simple forms in the landscape, one of my favorite types of subject. I may try to get out and sketch a few of the others ... or I may not. I'm on vacation, after all.


Google Map of Rome Update

Visualizza Sketches - Roma in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori
It's been a very busy summer here in Rome. I spent most of my scant free time reviewing proofs of my forthcoming book, "Sketching on Location," so I haven't had as much time as I'd like to actually get out and draw, let alone do any blog posts. And now the summer heat has arrived in full force, which makes outdoor sketching a challenge, to say the least. But I've managed to do some drawing, and I've just updated the Google Map that marks the 200+ sketches I've done over the past several summers here. As always, more to come ... and I'll be sure to post more information about the book when I have a release date!
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