Western Washington University

The elder of my two sons is heading off to college this Fall, so he and I made a visit to Western Washington University for "Summer Start," their version of incoming orientation. While the vast majority of our time was taken up by attending info and advising sessions, I did manage to sketch a bit - the best way I know of getting a feel for a place. It's a small but very beautiful campus, and the people were uniformly welcoming and helpful. I know that the visit helped my son feel much better about his decision - if only because he could finally inhabit the place he'd been considering for some time. And the visit had a similar effect on me. It's difficult to grasp the fact that one of my kids is already going off to school, so becoming familiar with what will be his new home-away-from-home helped put my mind at ease. Here's hoping that my son achieves great things at WWU, and I look forward to additional visits in the future!

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