Return to Portland

Every time I visit this city, I like it a little more. Part of that is my growing familiarity with the place, and the accumulating experiences I've had with students, other sketchers, etc. But the physical space of the city is really growing on me - the small blocks (200' x 200') make it seem like a big US city that has been scaled-down just enough to favor the pedestrian, and enough to let in a lot of sunlight (when the sun is shining, anyway). I spent the weekend here with my third-year studio group, and also met up with a contingent of Portland Urban Sketchers like Alanna Randall and Kalina Wilson for a short sketchcrawl on Saturday. That's when I did this sketch of the Steel Bridge. I had seen several folks from the Symposium who drew this subject, and I had been meaning to take a stab at it ... and I also wanted to finish off at least half of the accordion Moleskine we all got at the symposium in July. More sketches from my weekend in Portland are on my Flickr page.
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