Santa Maria in Trastevere

It was rainy for our sketching session last Monday, June 1, so we stayed very close to our studio in this piazza. I gave the students a challenge to sketch the plan of this church, called Santa Maria in Trastevere, and did my best to do the same as I walked around to help them. I think I drew the side chapels a bit too small, but otherwise it's reasonably accurate.

After class was over I decided to do a quick representational sketch from the piazza. After getting the drawing set up in pencil, it started to rain on me, so I took cover under the umbrellas of a restaurant before adding the pen work and watercolor. They were just getting set up for lunch at the restaurant, and each waiter (and eventually an old man who I figured must be the owner) took turns to stop by for a look at what I was up to. All of them were positive and enthusiastic, and it was a good opportunity to practice my Italian skills. All in all, a fine morning despite the rain.


  1. Very good and interesting post. Your ability to shift gears to accommodate the weather indicates a good teacher and flexibility. I really like what you're doing and look forward to seeing and reading more. Frank

  2. My compliments for all the beautiful drawings of cities from all over the world, specially the drawings you've made in Rome.
    I like them very much, admire them and I recognize the way of looking and the way you trnalate the complexity of the reality into artistic images.

    Did you publish them in a book?

    By the way it also remind of drawings made by Huck Scarry in his book "Diario Romano" (ISBN 880447885-3)

    On my own website you can also find some pictures I've made on some trips to Rome, which are a little bit comparable with your work
    (see website www.vandevrande.com >> gallery >> drawings)

    So you understand that your work made a deep impression on me!!

    Greetings from Holland

    Frans van de Vrande


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