Christmas at the Old Home Place

Merry Christmas everyone! We're at my folks' place outside Chicago, where I lived from the time I was 10 years old until I flew the coop after college. It's nice to be back, visiting with family, eating entirely too much, and not having much of anything to do. Though I'm not feeling particularly inspired to draw, I enjoyed doing this quick sketch of my Mom, who is almost constantly busy in the kitchen. It's obviously where she's most comfortable, with kids and grandkids coming and going, stopping to chat or grab a bite to eat. It's where I've had some of my best talks with her, sitting on the other side of the counter, just shooting the shit. Maybe this sketch will get me going, and I'll do more while I'm here. Or maybe not. It's very refreshing, all this sitting around in between indulgent meals. Perhaps I'll just enjoy it for a few days.

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  1. Matt,
    Great to see your work again. I really enjoyed the images you posted for the faculty show and thought it was a good idea. I hope you'll find time to post more this year. Stay well.
    Frank in Mount Vernon, WA


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